Take your recruiting to the next level with AI powered intelligent searching.

As a Recruiter you spend up to 50% of your day searching and screening CVs in your database.

You could be spending this time placing your candidates and winning new business instead.

The result - unhappy candidates, wasted earnings potential and clients that feel undervalued.

We have a solution to this.

Octavia is an intelligent search tool that uses machine learning and natural language processing to automate searching, screening and ranking of candidates. With Octavia you can shortlist top candidates for any job in a matter of seconds.

We believe that the true value of a recruiter is providing the ‘human touch’ – interacting with clients and candidates. Recruiters help candidates to develop and plan their careers and enable clients to understand and formulate their needs.

We want to bring that human element back into recruitment. Octavia allows you to spend more time efficiently communicating with clients and candidates instead of screening and constructing complicated boolean search terms.


Easy, the only input to Octavia is a job description. Octavia then uses your database of candidates along with additional data sourced from the internet and our sourcing tool Resourcio to build a mathematical model of your candidates. Using this model, Octavia ranks your candidates, shows you the top shortlist and a detailed description of why each candidates is a good fit for the job.
Now it is time for the human touch!

And here is the really clever thing, as you use Octavia it learns – who got to the first round of interviews for the job, who was rejected flat out, what type of candidates typically gets hired by certain clients, what characterises a passive candidate that could be interested a particular job.


Octavia integrates seamlessly with your existing CRM via our API or natively with Rekvrt CRM or Resourcio.

If you don't have a CRM, no worries - head over to Rekvrt and check out our powerful, easy-to-use CRM solution.


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